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A fountain girl.

A fountain girl.
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A fountain girl. A kind very rarely found or seen, these days. Gifted with the sound of splashing water, when thoroughly observed. Their faces ornamented with fascinating smiles, their voices blessed with melody and soft words. They used to stay in the foaming, concrete pool, peeping through the water surface now and then. They'd even touch your hand for a second, if they noticed your sadness or distress. But they've left their habitats, returned to the far shores of the oceans, where no man has ever set foot. They take care of unicorns and fairytale dinosaurs, play chess with hobbits and drink Jasmin tea with Dr. Who and Peter Pan. They nurture the sick Tinkerbells, pink rabbits and trembling kiwi's. They talk to Ghandi and Buddha, MLK and Bob Marley, hoping to learn more about the human kind. And yes, there are moments they return to their fountains. Some feel hurt because of the poor state of their former houses, others find courage in it to pick up their abandoned goals to sooth and spread kindness. They smile, they don't turn their heads away, they look you in the eye and in an instant you feel cured, blessed, comforted. If only they'd return for good ...
(Michael Moyson)
Date: 2018-10-12 14:12:03

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Great POV and capture.
T's PL 2018-10-12 14:46:14
Fine photo, nice work.
Kako Kid 2018-10-12 18:52:18

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